The Outsider - Part III: A Ghoulish Revelation (Part & Backing Track)

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Learn to play this track!

If you wanna learn to play this track, this is the perfect package for you!

It contains:

  • The original track
  • The accurate part in PDF and Guitar Pro files (GP, GPX, and GP5)
  • The full backing track  (you get to hear the orchestration without the main guitar lines!)

This track is very dense and involves many different guitar techniques and ingredients:

  • Smooth melodic lines
  • Soloing techniques
  • Two-hand tapping
  • Hear how the notes sound against the orchestral texture...


Besides, the mood and energy evolves a lot and the attention and expressivity of the guitar playing changes accordingly.

This is a great way to work on several aspects of your playing at once, and improve drastically! 


Grab it now and let's practice! 🤘🏻